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The ZP Advantage


Several factors make our “ZP” (Nitro9) chain of products superior to any competitors products on the market. For over 40 years, the largest proportion of ZP users have been major oil companies who use ZP in their own equipment instead of their own manufactured products!

When the competition uses products other than their own, there must be some good reasons why. And there are!

1. Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2, Moly) is one of two unique elements used in “ZP” products. It comes from the natural mineral Molybdenite, is inert and non-oxidizing, and has some outstanding qualities:

  • Reduces the friction in an engine up to 80%
  • An extraordinary affinity to stick to metal
  • Has a lubricity factor 3 to 4 times that of oil
  • Withstands temperatures up to 750°F when mixed with oil

2. Vacclaisocryptene (Vac5) is a patented blend of several lubricating materials with the unique ability to get inside metal instead of just flowing over it. Vac5 is the only undersurface lubricant known to man.

ZP = Vac5 + Moly
Because Vac5 cleans engine with its unique metal penetrating action, Moly can adhere to the metal where it greatly reduces the natural friction of metal on metal. This combination is only found in ZP products!

Why the combination of Moly and Vac5 to create ZP?

Moly has an affinity with metal and will stick to clean metal. However, if the metal has a coating of gum, varnish or carbon on them, as operating engines do, Moly will not adhere. While there are competitor products that contain Moly, no one else has Vac5.

Vac5, the only subsurface lubricant known, is an intense pressure lubricant composed of several lubricating materials that have the ability to penetrate through residue buildup into the metal.

Because this provides a combination of both lubricating and cleaning action, ZP:

  • Penetrates through gum, varnish and carbon into the metal
  • Under operational heat to lubricate, it will lift deposits off the metal
  • The clean metal parts allow Moly to attach and increase the lubricity
  • The engine now functions more efficiently
  • Aids in the prevention of hard carbon formation
  • Will eliminate unburned hydrocarbons from building up on engine parts as lacquer, gum, varnish and wax
  • Promotes free movement of rings and valves
  • Increase in RPM and brake horsepower
  • Contains no harsh solvents or other harmful agents to engine

These side benefits, when put together, result in the observation that:

In the long run, ZP can save you money!

But dont just take our word for it. The unique combination of Vac5 + Moly has been sold directly to businesses like:

  • Major oil companies (such as Texaco, Shell, Union Oil, Amoco and Getty Oil) for use in their own equipment;
  • Industrial giants such as General Dynamics (for use on the Lunar Landing Module), Martin Marietta, Lear Jet, General Motors, and Chrysler Corporation;
  • Various power companies;
  • NASA
  • Indy and NASCAR racing teams