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Independently Proven Results - The Energotest 2011!

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The FPInnovations PIT Energotest is used to provide accurate information on the impact of technologies on fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Governments also use Energotest results as selection criteria for establishing the list of technologies available for funding programs.

Nitro-9 products were independently tested in the 2011 FPInnovations PIT Energotest following the protocols defined in SAE-J1321 Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II. The Energotest results proved that, at a fuel cost of $1.20/liter and average fuel consumption of 125000 liters, Nitro-9 contributed to fuel savings of $3361.50*!

* Tests were performed on:

  • Well maintained, good working condition, newer vehicles
  • All settings adjusted to OEM specifications
  • SAE-J1667 opacity tests: 0.21% before treatment reduced to 0.06% with treatment
Regular customers, using Nitro-9 Metal and Fuel Treatments on average worked up equipment, reported: More Engine Power, Fuel Savings, Smoother Running Engines, Easily Passing Emission Tests, Reduced Maintenance and Repairs... Significant Savings!