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A Changing World


The world in which we live is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s a constant challenge just to keep up. The lubricating field experienced changes in the last fifteen years that it could never have imagined. We have been through fuel shortages that showed how dependant any country, even the world, is on petroleum. The goal of every nation is to conserve energy as much as possible and use its resources wisely.

Lower quality fuels and consistently rising fuel costs? Look for a solution in optimum lubrication: ZP-500 Fuel Lubricant, ZP-600 Transmission Power Blend, and ZP-700 Moly Oil Blend and other Nitrochem products have proven their value. The value of these products was evident when inexpensive petroleum in the United States and quality products were available. With today's rising fuel costs, these products have become a necessity for a profitable operation.

Although Nitrochem products are used primary to address fuel and lubrication concerns, they also mitigate the costs associated with equipment downtime, lost productivity, and failed component replacement. The solution is preventative maintenance – optimum lubrication – Nitrochem products. Many firms today are experiencing profit squeezes. With inflation, spiraling costs, labor situations, and downtime problems, profits are, at best, marginal. Above all, the air pollution is a cause of concern for everybody. The use of Nitrochem products, coupled with a good preventative maintenance program, will help you breathe easy and improve your bottom line. At Nitrochem Lubricants, we stand firmly behind our products and are excited to bring them to international markets.